The Jacob Lawrence Gallery
— Select Exhbition Identities


The Jacob Lawrence Gallery on the University of Washington campus is a space devoted to education, social justice, and experimentation that honors the legacy of former UW professor and one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Jacob Lawrence. 

Exhibition descriptions sourced from gallery website︎︎︎

Katherine Simóne Reynolds
A Warning Resting in the Distance

“An exhibition centered on how Black women feel in the face of danger, whether that danger is known for certain or merely speculated.” A textural gradient and distorted type convey a sense of undulation and looming tension.

Design as Disruption

The graduation exhibition for the UW Design Class of 2022. This identity is visually defined by the juxtaposition of restrained type and explosive distortion.

Ashten Alexander
Vera Drapers
Dustin Mara
Elyssa Yi

Lauren Williams
Wake Work*

“Absence and erasure challenge the imagination as Williams asks ‘how can we disturb the systems that threaten to drown Black people in the U.S.? How can we imagine life without them?’” Graphic repetition and pixelated type compliment Williams’ visual exploration of redaction and annotation.

Audrey Desjardins 
Data Imaginaries


Audrey Desjardins showcases “a series of poetic interactions with domestic data, exploring familiar encounters between humans and things.” Through negative space and the inclusion of graphic elements, the design language mirrors exhibited artifacts.

MFA Exhibition
The Reordering of Things

“A group exhibition showcasing works in a variety of media by nine MFA students from the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design.” Dots form a scattered constellation on an aerial layout of the gallery, mimicking the rearrangement of the displayed works throughout the course of the exhibition.